July 06, 2017

Why Buy a Juicer

Buy a juicer will allow you to develop a device more suited to achieving nutrient rich fresh juices, great for your health. If your project is to sustainably integrate the juice in your diet, juice extractors are the type of device to which we recommend you to turn to get the most nutrients for your health. Examples of benefits enabled by purchasing an extractor juice manual or electric ( vertical or horizontal )

Buy a juicer: savings

If your desire is to control your budget for achieving your fresh juice, remember that the purchase of a juice extractor allows for savings in the long term. Indeed, this type of device has a better return than blenders or juicers. For a similar amount of food, you will obtain more juice with an extractor that of another machine. You will be less to buy fruits and vegetables thanks to the efficient performance of juicers. If you also had the habit of consuming bottled juice will also make great savings to the extent that the extractor will offer you more liters of juice for a lower price and fresh juices of vegetables and fruit better.

Choosing a juicer: the nutritional quality of the juice produced

Because of the fragility of vitamins, minerals or enzymes from their processing into juice comes a nutrient material in distress with any type of device. However, this destruction depends on the type of device and therefore the technology used to make fresh juice. The juicer or blender have in common is to transform raw materials into high-speed juice through grinding operations for one and mixing for another. The food is thus heated and lose a significant amount of their nutrients.

Technology juice extractors (cold pressing with one or two screws) can significantly limit this phenomenon, thanks to the fact that the operation is run cold, and the rotation speed (revolutions/min) is significantly reduced. Juices and have a higher nutrient content as centrifuges or blenders. Your juices are fresh and rich in benefits for your body. Hold on purchasing your juicer more than the speed of an extractor is slow and the conservation of nutrients will be high. You can also find out more about this in our guide to choosing a juicer. You can thus get more juice and better thanks to the technology used by juice extractors.

Buy a Juicer: Buy a partner for your health

Better performance, higher nutritional quality, and source of savings, juice extractors are perfect devices if your desire is to make fresh juice rich in nutrients and delicious taste. In addition to discovering new fruits vegetables and herbs, you will have the opportunity to test and invent recipes and just a few minutes. Our site offers a selection of the best juicers on the market, as a promotional space for powerful machines with good value for money.

Very good recipes you will also be offered in our revenues space, such as citrus juice, detox, green, or our special energy juice!

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Why opt for the raw food from juice?

Integrate the raw food or raw food is certainly a beneficial approach to your health, especially that fruit, vegetables, and herbs. To understand why it is worth recalling why eating fruits, vegetables, and herbs in itself is good for health.

Vitamins galore, minerals want you in here, trace minerals, chlorophyll, ideal to fight against fatigue, be fit, stay healthy or protect against many diseases, the list of benefits of this type food for our health would be long to detail.

The debate is about how we consume these foods. Because the way we consume fruits or vegetables determines their impact on our health. If we take the example of the food industry products we can find in the supermarket, fruits and vegetables undergo many processes before landing in our stomach. Pasteurization, addition of preservative, coloring, are the examples of industrial techniques that aim for example to increase the shelf life of the products or to enhance the taste. These techniques are not obviously without effects for foods such as fruits or vegetables, especially when you know how nutrients (vitamins, minerals ...) are very sensitive to physical phenomena such as heat, light etc.

Also in addition, to deplete food, they make us run a real danger to our health.

Let's see some examples of fruit, vegetables or herbs offered by the food industry.


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February 19, 2017

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Juicer

Juicer is a key factor in measuring the quality of the juice, Choosing a masticating juicer should be squeezed clean thoroughly, pomace dry. In the actual purchase, you can live to let the sales staff see if the jam is dry enough. But before going to buy the best juicer from the market you need to have these considerations in your head.

Buying Guideline

As the juicer in the squeezed juice will produce a lot of residues, so there will be separate garbage storage grid will be more convenient cleaning. The juicer's body material should also be easy to clean the stainless steel or resin material to keep the juicer clean.

Also, check the juicer of the juicer, it is recommended to buy a titanium coated mesh because they are higher hardness and longer life.

The diameter of the knife net is also very important, the diameter of the knife network can improve the juice rate, a small knife network can also squeeze the juice, but they are easily blocked by fruit juice, need to be cleaned and then frequent use.

In addition to the knife net, the consumer should pay special attention to the juicer filter, a good filter surface to be smooth, no rupture.

Also be aware of-

High speed centrifugal

High-speed centrifugal is the most common type of juicer, the principle is to use thousands of revolutions per minute knife net chopped fruit, and then centrifugal juice and fruit residue separation, fruit juice will flow into the juice cup, and fruit Slag will be soaked into the garbage storage grid.

Its advantage lies in the raw materials do not cut to a very small piece, save the cut time, the speed of juice is also faster.

Low-speed kneading style

The principle is built by a low-speed rotating screw, kneading and grinding ingredients, this time the juice will flow through the filter to the cup, and the pomace will be discharged from the slag mouth, out of the juice thicker, squeezed Out of the pomace is relatively dry, easy to handle. This kind of juicer noise is lower than the centrifugal, but also to avoid the high-speed heat loss of food nutritional value, suitable for dealing with less water content of vegetables or more brittle fruit. It's a Slow speed juicer.

No mesh grinding

No mesh grinding is a more common kind of Soy milk, not equipped with grinder, the principle is directly in the milk cup grinding, and then heat the milk, grinding effect depends mainly on the blade sharpness and speed of the size, and soy milk cup.

The spoiler is blocking the flow direction and helping the grinding effect to be more delicate. They are mostly easy to clean and lower prices.

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