July 06, 2017

Why opt for the raw food from juice?

Integrate the raw food or raw food is certainly a beneficial approach to your health, especially that fruit, vegetables, and herbs. To understand why it is worth recalling why eating fruits, vegetables, and herbs in itself is good for health.

Vitamins galore, minerals want you in here, trace minerals, chlorophyll, ideal to fight against fatigue, be fit, stay healthy or protect against many diseases, the list of benefits of this type food for our health would be long to detail.

The debate is about how we consume these foods. Because the way we consume fruits or vegetables determines their impact on our health. If we take the example of the food industry products we can find in the supermarket, fruits and vegetables undergo many processes before landing in our stomach. Pasteurization, addition of preservative, coloring, are the examples of industrial techniques that aim for example to increase the shelf life of the products or to enhance the taste. These techniques are not obviously without effects for foods such as fruits or vegetables, especially when you know how nutrients (vitamins, minerals ...) are very sensitive to physical phenomena such as heat, light etc.

Also in addition, to deplete food, they make us run a real danger to our health.

Let's see some examples of fruit, vegetables or herbs offered by the food industry.

Industrial juice: Food good for health?

Taste. Just compare the taste of a fresh homemade juice made with raw fruits and vegetables with a juicer ( manual or electric ) and that of industrial juice to immediately realize the difference between both. Fresh juice is refreshing and tastes good, the industrial juice is super sweet and super tasty and is not a good food for health, unlike we shall see the raw food.

In fact eating uncooked fruits, vegetables, herbs, you eliminate suffering the consequences of industrial processes but also get food at the height of their energy and nutrient content. If we take for example the widespread process in the food industry for pasteurization.

Just this process to increase the preservation of food in time destroys itself a very large part of the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the industrial juice presented as a source of benefits is terribly poor in nutrients but also by the addition of dyes and preservatives and other industrial processes, hazardous to our health. Far from bringing health and vitality announced they destroy our health, slowly.

For proof, an industrial smoothie is sweeter than a soda can nevertheless seem very sweet. The marketing of these brands is to make you forget this dimension suddenly slogan and attractive packaging, but the reality is there.Industrial food is responsible for the formation of many diseases, cancers, diabetes, obesity, mood dysfunction etc. Many studies point to the harmfulness of such products and fruit or vegetable juice manufacturers are no exception to this phenomenon, they are certainly not good foods for health.

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